Forward thinking food production

Customer led, sustainable farming.

Passionate UK Farmers Making a Difference

We are Colin Bradley Ltd

Colin Bradley Ltd is a time served, traditional firm run by a young, enthusiastic and progressive team. We are in the business of producing quality food, not just farming land. Consistent, high standard potatoes are our biggest focus with over 1000 acres being devoted to agriculture, but we also care for livestock too.

Environment first | Sustainable farming | Forward thinking agriculture

Why Colin Bradley Ltd

The agriculture industry has undergone major changes in a short space of time. Despite the ever changing climate we provide consistency, that is the key to our success.

  • We grow what our customers and their clients require
  • We take pride in our high quality products and consistency
  • We engage in local and relevant environmental and stewardship schemes
  • We practise responsible minimum 5 year crop rotation to avoid pesticides

Complete Traceability

Quality and Consistency

Reliability of Supply

Meet our team

We are more than just a farm. We are a passionate team who love our industry. We want to make a difference, look to the future, and keep ahead of the exciting changes forming in our industry.

We are here to stay. Forward thinking and a reliable partner for your food processing requirements.

Colin Bradley